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Ly Huong Le

Ms Ly Huong LE

Project Manager

Ly Le has been working over 15 years for the Development Programs in Vietnam. Ly gained her experience through contribution at different projects including USAID-funded project on Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI); INELI-ASEAN project as an Innovator to support the transformation of public libraries in ASEAN countries; and most recently, Ly held the position of the Senior Program Coordinator for Aus4Equality| Gender Responsive Equitable Agriculture and Tourism (GREAT) Program – a flagship initiative funding of the Australian Government to Vietnam. She has contributed greatly to the success of the GREAT Program to achieve its objective of helping women, particularly ethnic minority women to improve economic benefits, increase confidence and social status, including more balanced workloads and greater decision-making within the home, workplace, and community.

Ly received her BA in International Relations at Ha Noi National University, Vietnam, and her MBA from University of Canberra, Australia.

Khanh Dang LinkedIn photo

Ms Khanh DANG

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Khanh Dang is a Client Relationship Manager at Alliance Mortgage Group, a finance broking firm located in Melbourne.  Before pursuing a career in finance, Khanh practised as a lawyer for a number of years in a couple areas of law including succession law, estate litigation and commercial law.

As Khanh transitions from the legal to the finance industry, her underlying customer centric approach remains unchanged – she continues to always be self-motivated about working alongside her clients to assist them in navigating through their challenges, whether that now transitions from a legal to a financial landscape.

Khanh obtained her bachelor’s degrees in Commerce (majoring in Finance) and Laws from Monash University where she was awarded the International Scholarship for Excellence by the university throughout the course of her studies.

Khanh is an avid fundraiser and has initiated various fundraisers for a number of not-for-profit organisations, including KOTO and Maison Chance, whose shared mission is to provide education and vocational training for disadvantaged youth and families in all parts of Vietnam.

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Dr. Crystal NGUYEN

Membership Coordinator

Crystal Nguyen completed her Master of Biomedical Sciences (Stem Cells & Developmental Biology) and PhD at the University of Melbourne, where she managed a multifaceted research project focusing on the development of a gene therapy for degenerative eye diseases. Crystal is the author of seven journal articles and has given numerous presentations at local and international conferences, including an award-winning digital presentation. Crystal held several leadership roles at graduate researchers’ organizations and contributed to fostering informational exchange and collaborations between research institutes.

Crystal gained her industry experience as an intern at the Research, Innovation, and Commercialisation team at the University of Melbourne. During her time here, she conducted market research and competitive analysis to assess the patentability and commercial potential of new technologies developed at the university.

Crystal is passionate about leveraging biomedical innovation to improve people’s health and well-being. Crystal started working at the life sciences consulting firm Biointelect since early 2023, where she provides consulting services to universities and research institutes, biotech, medtech, and pharma companies. Crystal specialises in market analysis and commercialisation of early technologies.