On 2 June 2024, The VASEA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was solemnly held in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

VASEA’s AGM received the attention from many organisations in Australia and Vietnam. More than 120 VASEA members and guests engaged in many friendly and useful exchanges. The AGM reviewed the initial successes of VASEA, since its official establishment and launch in August 2023. VASEA has welcomed many high-level delegations to Australia.

At the AGM, the VASEA BOD respectfully presented an award to H.E. Mr. Nguyen Dang Thang as a sincere thank you for his contributions and support when VASEA was newly established and still facing many difficulties. The Executive Board also thanked and sent a commemorative award to Mr. Nguyen Tat Thanh, Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia for the 2020-2023 term to express gratitude for his contributions and support to VASEA.

Professor Nghiem Duc Long reported VASEA’s activity plan for 2024-2025 and the following years. Professor Long said that in addition to VASEA’s annual activities such as monthly webinars, the program enhances knowledge, fosters experience for members, and supports leadership abilities for young members. VASEA will prioritize activities and projects in key areas agreed upon by Australia and Vietnam to contribute to bilateral cooperation between the two countries. VASEA will also continue and deploy more scientific exchange, technology transfer, and training programs to serve the circular economy and cope with climate change, especially in areas such as the Mekong Delta. and provinces still need a lot of support.

Mr. Andrew Goledzinowski, Australian ambassador to Vietnam, sent a video to welcome the AGM since he was on a business flight at the time of the AGM. The Ambassador said that the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between Vietnam and Australia is not only implemented by government agencies but also requires the participation of the private sector, universities, and organizations such as VASEA. The Ambassador highly appreciated VASEA’s activities, with a focus on Vietnam’s transition to a green energy future and a focus on the Mekong region, as very important for the future of Vietnam and is an increasingly important sector for Australia. He also encouraged VASEA to act as a bridge to bring the two countries Vietnam – and Australia closer together for common prosperity and success.

Speaking from Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Nguyen Manh Dong, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Vietnamese People Abroad, highly appreciated VASEA’s activities. He said that VASEA’s practical activities contribute to promoting cooperation between Australia and Vietnam. The association’s executive board, although busy with research and teaching, still spends a lot of time and enthusiasm on activities toward the homeland. He affirmed that the contribution of the team of intellectual experts and Vietnamese businessmen abroad is truly important and necessary for Vietnam and the world, especially in the context of strong development of science and technology. technology, innovation, digital transformation, and green transformation.

Speaking at the AGM, Mr. Nghiem Xuan Hoa, Deputy Ambassador of Vietnam to Australia, highly appreciated the VASEA activities in the past year. Mr. Hoa said, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy, and foreign agencies in Australia are very interested in and always accompany knowledge organizations like VASEA. In March 2024, the Prime Ministers of Vietnam and Australia announced the upgrade of the two countries’ relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. This is the highest level of comprehensive cooperation in both countries, creating opportunities for exchange in many fields of education and training, science and technology, innovation, digital transformation, and green economy. There are many new fields not only for Vietnam but the entire world. He highlighted VASEA’s role in the process of building human resources, knowledge and cooperative projects for Vietnam and Australia to work together to solve new, still-forming problems.

Professor Sean Turnell, Senior Scholar of the Lowy Institute of Strategic Economics, and honorary guest at the AGM, shared with VASEA his speech titled “Vietnam’s financial reform: Essay learning for other emerging markets”. Professor Turnell is a person who has been very involved in macroeconomic policy for Myanmar and similar economies, even having to endure many sacrifices and imprisonment. He was an economic advisor to Aung San Suu Kyi during her time running Myanmar until her government was overthrown by a coup. Professor Turnell said, “Vietnam’s efforts to liberalize and stabilize the financial sector in recent years have not only achieved significant success domestically but are also a real source of inspiration and readiness for other countries about what can be done.”

Attending the AGM was Professor Tran Ngoc Anh from Indiana University (USA), a distinguished guest of VASEA and advisor to the Vietnam Initiatives. Professor Tran Ngoc Anh commented, “The generation of Vietnamese people currently living abroad has many leading expert professors in many fields. Australia is where a large number of these valuable human resources gather.” He suggested, “Vietnam needs to build appropriate mechanisms so that experts can contribute to the country.”

Many businesses in Australia and Vietnam also sent gifts to the AGM, cafes, hotel vouchers, and round-trip air tickets from Australia to Vietnam, as expressions of gratitude and encouragement for VASEA to have more contributing activities. for country.

At the end of the AGM, Professor Nghiem Duc Long, on behalf of the executive board and members of VASEA, thanked the sponsors for providing non-binding financial support so that VASEA could operate. Professor Long thanked the College of Law as a generous venue sponsor with the rooftop view looking across the Sydney City Town Hall. Professor Long also thanked the VietAus band for meticulously orchestrating Vietnamese folk music and traditional Australian aboriginal music, bringing the emotions of Australian-Vietnamese cultural interaction to the AGM.


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