[27 May 2023] Today’s afternoon, fifty future leaders of Agribank Vietnam, who came from different provinces of Vietnam, have enjoyed the productive and engaging session of team building exercises delivered by Dr. Huyen Vuong, the VASEA representative. These future leaders had just completed a three-month executive training in Melbourne, Australia organised by TransGlobal Education and Training (TET). TET was led by Ms. Jane Tran, who is also Vice President of VASEA.

The session included two team building games named “Get Through a Radioactive Field” and “Guidance to the Blind”. After each game, there were debriefings where the participants discussed what they had learnt. The feedback from Agribank young potential leaders was positive as they highlighted trust and respect as crucial behaviours for building high-performing teams. They also recognised the emergence of leadership roles during the teamwork and appreciated the common skills of brainstorming, problem-solving, cooperation and team communication.

One aspect that impressed the participants most during the three-month training was the kindness and patience of the Australian facilitators. The facilitators took time to explain the concepts thoroughly, going back and forth until everyone understood the issues. This approach was highly appreciated by the young potential leaders.

Additionally, many of the participants mentioned they would miss Melbourne’s weather, which offers fresh air, street music and the unique experience of riding trams. Overall, it seems like the final session provided valuable insights and left Agribank young potential leaders with positive memories of their time in Melbourne, Australia.

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