The VASEA board of directors had a highly productive meeting with Chairman Phan Van Mai and senior officers of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) during their visit to Melbourne, Australia. Deputy Ambassador of Vietnam to Australia, His Excellency Nghiem Xuan Hoa, and Science and Technology Consular, Mr. Bui Viet Khoi, and Executive Director of College of Law, Ms Sophie Williams were also in attendance.
The discussion focused on collaborative initiatives in education training and support, circular economy, green energy, fresh water for the Mekong Delta, Technology for transportation, and advice in building investment and trade policy, and legal frameworks to support both inbound and outbound businesses between Vietnam and Australia.
Chairman Phan Van Mai expressed his deep appreciation for the contributions of VASEA members to Vietnam, particularly HCMC, over the past year and emphasised the desire to strengthen the relationship between VASEA and the Committee. He appointed a point of contact within the Committee to continue working on collaborative projects with VASEA throughout the year. This development opens up more opportunities for VASEA to contribute to the economic development of HCMC and the surrounding Mekong Delta region.
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